Metal Pallet Range

Pallet Range

Metal wire pallet built for strength.

NuvoRack Metal Pallets

Built for strength, the NuvoRack metal pallet offers outstanding durability.

Weight : 11.67 - 17.97 kilos (Standard)

Unique nestable metal pallet

NuvoNest Metal Pallets

Our unique stacking system, means the NuvoNest metal pallet saves you space and money.

Weight : 8.47 - 9.37 Kilos (Standard/Euro)

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Pallet Sizes


Standard Pallet Dimensions

Pallet Dimensions :
1200mm (4ft) x 1000mm (3.33ft) x 120mm (4.07")


Euro Pallet Dimensions

Pallet Dimensions :
1200mm (4ft) x 800mm (2.66ft) x 120mm (4.07")

Bespoke Pallet Designs

Euro and standard sizes available or bespoke pallet designs to your requirements. All pallets are finished with a bright zinc finish for optimum athesthetic appeal.

If another type of finish is essential, do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss all your requirements.

All pallet models can be designed and built to suit specific needs including food production box systems and sleeve systems.

Pallets can even be RFID chipped for total pallet traceability.

For more information on pallets, call us on +44 (0)7730 487078

Clean Green Pallets are constructed using entirely of UK sourced mild steel wire A Clean Green Pallet being fabricated.