Eco Friendly Pallets

This report and calculations were undertaken by the Humber Seafood Institute to analyse the environmental impact of metal pallets marketed by The Clean Green Pallet Company against the alternatives currently used.

The report covers the carbon footprint of a pallet's use within the seafood supply chain of salmon from Scotland to Grimsby and an overview of the other functions of each pallet's use.

The carbon footprint was calculated under the guidance of International Standards and the Carbon Trust method as published in the Publicly Available Standards (PAS) 2050.

The agreed method to carry out this scoping was under Life Cycle Analysis as governed by ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. The calculation used a boundary point of the use of the pallet (ie: the rental of CGP) and highlighted that:

Euro Wooden Pallets Euro Lightweight Wooden NuvoNest Euro Pallet
Total number of pallets that can be loaded onto a trailer: 660 pallets 756 pallets 2,600 pallets
Total weight of these pallets: 17,160 kgs 6,048 kgs 22,360.8 kgs
Number of tractor trailers required to carry 10,00 pallets: 15 trailers 14 trailers 4 trailers
Total fuel required for carrying 10,000 pallets 817.23 litres 762.74 litres 217.92 litres
Total amount of carbon emitted in transporting 10,000 pallets: 2149 kg CO2 2005 kg CO2 1573 kg CO2
Carbon emitted in freezing 15,000 pallets 195 kg CO2 195 kg CO2 74 kg CO2

The Clean Green Pallet is environmentally sound, entirely manufactured in Telford, using mild steel wire UK sourced within 1.5 hours road time.

Clean Green Pallets not only help save you money, but it’s also another way you can do your bit for the environment. Reducing the amount of energy required to transport your goods from A to B, this all helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Every Clean Green Pallet is totally (100%) recyclable with no disposal problems and no costly landfill charges. Compare this to wooden pallets which can have a recycle rate as low as 15%, the rest must be disposed of correctly.

Each Clean Green Pallet has a carbon footprint of zero after production as the pallets are only made once, unlike wooden pallets.

Strong and durable – Which can last as long or longer than plastic or wooden pallet equivalents. A Clean Green Pallet is corrosion resistant for up to 10 years. Within a cold store environment, the clean green pallet takes a fraction of the time to chill to temperature - meaning the energy requirement per pallet is less (up to 25% less), which is another cost saving. Minimising the energy consumption saves money, reducing a companies carbon footprint can also save on environmental taxes.

Our space saving pallets allow bigger loads to be transported per journey. Our space saving pallets allow bigger loads to be transported per journey.
Helping you to do your bit for the environment and saving you money. Helping you to do your bit for the environment and saving you money.