Find out more about Clean Green Pallet Company

Find out about Clean Green Pallet Company

Find out more about Clean Green Pallets, their development and how the industry is turning away from traditional wood and plastic pallets.
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See the full Clean Green Pallet range

See the full Clean Green Pallet range

Clean Green Pallets come in a range of different designs, both Euro and Standard sizes. If you need a bespoke solution we also offer a custom built facility to suit your needs.
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The benefits of Clean Green Pallets

The benefits of Clean Green Pallets

Discover how Clean Green Pallets unique design helps prevent contamination, keeps produce perfectly fresh, benefits the environment and saves you money.
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Clean Green Pallets are cost efficient and can save you money

Clean Green Pallets are cost efficient and can save you money

Find out more about how changing the pallets you use could save your company thousands of pounds a year and help reduce your carbon footprint.
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Clean Green Pallets are environmentally friendly and can reduce your carbon footprint

Clean Green Pallets are environmentally friendly and can reduce your carbon footprint

While using Clean Green Pallets saves you money, it is also nice to know you are doing your bit for the environment. Find out how.
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Clean Green Pallets Contacts and Feedback Form

Clean Green Pallets Contacts and Feedback Form

Time is money, so contact us today and see how we could help you start saving money.
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More Information

Pallet rental

In order to help companies avoid having to commit a large sum of money that could be better employed elsewhere we offer our unique metal pallets for rent or sale. If our metal pallets are rented there are huge capital savings that could be used for other purchases. This also means that your company will not have to be responsible for disposing of them once they are no longer required. Traditionally, businesses in the UK have used wooden pallets or plastic pallets in their warehouses but this is not the most cost-effective solution owing to the disadvantages of these materials. The use of wood in commercial premises increases the risk of fire and therefore the insurance premiums that have to be paid, which makes them a bad choice financially. Metal pallets do not have any fire hazard risk and they have many other benefits in time and motion benefits too. For a detailed explanation of what our pallets offer we are more than happy to discuss your requirements over the telephone and arrange a demonstration to show you their advantages.

Environmentally friendly

In today's business climate where companies large and small are expected to conduct their business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner it makes good sense to pursue policies that demonstrate a commitment to reducing your organisation's carbon footprint and steel pallets can form part of a company-wide policy that will have a demonstrable effect on your energy consumption. Metal conducts heat more effectively than wood or plastic so businesses that deal with perishable food kept in a chilled coldstore will have to expend less energy chilling them down to temperature. Wood and plastic is also a lot less durable than steel which means that anything constructed with these materials will have to be replaced more regularly than our steel pallets. Furthermore, owing to the fact that our metal pallets are lighter, companies are able to transport more goods on a single trailer than they could by using our competitors' offerings. These are just some of the reasons we are proud to be metal pallet manufacturers helping to change the way the industry thinks about pallet storage and transportation of all different types of goods, not just those in the food industry but also in the pharmaceutical industry. More details can be found by reading through our website.

Saving money

It will naturally follow that the benefits outlined above not only reduce your organisation's impact on the environment by helping it to use less electricity and reduce the running costs of your business. Although the economy may be making a gradual recovery at the moment we are still in a period where any measure that has a positive effect on a company's bottom line is extremely valuable. Doing business with steel pallet manufacturers will serve the double purpose of reducing your businesses operating costs and enhancing its green credentials in the community. Any company that does not take steps to become more environmentally friendly could soon find itself out in the cold. Our steel pallets are designed to take up less space, companies that use them do not need so much room for storing them. Many of our clients have chosen to deal with us on the basis of the cost savings and environmental carbon footprint benefits alone.

Metal pallets

By making a decision to utilise our range of metal pallets as a storage or closed loop solution your company is not only saving money and helping the environment but, owing to the lighter weight of the steel wire used in their construction, it is also helping staff involved with the manual handling of our products when compared to wooden pallets or plastic pallet alternatives. Comparing our lightest unit against one made from wood that has been sat out in the rain, the wooden unit can work out to be as much as 4 times heavier. Lighter units mean less chance of physical injury to your staff when handling them. So, by coming to us for your pallet hire or purchase needs, your personnel will benefit from less risk of injury and your company will benefit from having less people off sick at any given time. We are sure that the welfare of your employees is your main concern but the cost savings involved are also worth taking into consideration. It has a positive effect on staff morale too when they realise that their employer is taking an active interest in making it safer for them to carry out their work. A happy workforce usually discharges their duties more efficiently which again can lead to significant cost savings.

Steel pallets

Strength and durability are important properties in any product and especially in our pallets. They have been independently tested by Lloyds British and can take a static load of up to 10 tonnes which is far more than is possible with wooden pallet units of a similar size. Owing to the smaller surface area they also allow greater air circulation to flow more freely around them which means that for companies dealing with food or chilled products a longer shelf life would be possible for perishable goods. Additionally steel pallets do not absorb moisture and are not prone to cracking or scratching, they provide an inhospitable environment for bacteria which is a major plus factor for food hygiene. For a pallet rental solution that meets all of a food company's requirements we honestly believe that we offer the best possible solution on the market today. Our products are much easier to clean and do not require any costly procedures in order for them to be acceptable for import/export.


Anyone who has worked with wooden pallets will know how much space they take up when stacked on top of each other and also how unstable such stacks can become. Nestable pallets (NuvoNest Pallet) such as ours are designed to fit inside one other and so not only take up much less room when empty but are also less prone to toppling over which will reduce the possibility of accidents resulting in injury to personnel or damage to company property. Our steel pallets do not absorb moisture and so in adverse weather conditions your staff can be sure that when consignments are weighed out, the figure for the total weight of produce being sent to your customer is always accurate as the metal pallets will always weigh exactly the same, no matter what conditions they are stored. The lightest product in our range is quite easy to handle so stacking pallets becomes a task that can be carried out by a single member of staff if necessary. With all the benefits outlined in this article we feel sure that your company will be interested in what we have to offer and are happy to provide a quotation in response to telephone or email enquiries.